Cat Trap Crush Unit


Note: Price is for Crush unit only and does not include the trap pictured!

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Sheffield Animal Traps have released a Cat Crush unit for a cost effective alternative to having a separate cat crush. Our Cat Crush unit will replace the current permanent crush unit. All of our Cat Traps with Trip plates can be retrofitted with this unit. If the sizing is right, the retrofit unit can also be used on other brand cat traps.

The crush assists the operator in positioning the target animal against the door of the trap where tagging etc may take place easily. It also helps in ejecting the animal in a safe manner into a holding cage or similar. If you deal with Cats on a regular basis, you should be using a cat crush. It removes the need for dangerous contact with the animal which can lead to costly injuries to employees.

For ease of use, the push plate has a clip on the outside to secure the plate. This improves placement options by completely removing the arm when set.

Detailed Specifications: 

The push plate is made from 25x25x2mm Galvanised Welded Mesh. The frame of the push plate is made from 5mm Galvanised round bar and the push arm is made from 8mm Galvanised round bar.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 78 × 31 × 31 cm