Cat Trap with Trip plate and Transfer Door


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The best Cat Trap on the market, Sheffield Animal Traps has been making Cat Traps for the Wildlife associations of Australia for over thirty years. Our Sheffield Cat trap with trip plate is the industry favorite. The Cat Trap with Trip Plate is made in Australia using Galvanised materials to handle Australian conditions. The trap is used widely by Shire’s and Animal welfare groups to manage feral cats. The Transfer door allows the animal to be safely moved from the trap into a permanent or temporary transport cage. Another favorite purchase with these traps is the Cat Comb which allows the user to manipulate or separate the animal from one end to the other for processing or release.

This is not an imported spring-loaded collapsible trap to ensure durability and the animals’ welfare!

Detailed Specifications: 

Front frame, Door and Trip Plate Mechanism all 5mm Galvanised Wire

Mesh is 25mm x 25mm spacing with 2mm +/- 0.2mm gauge galvanised wire. The rear door is made from Galvabond sheeting.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 78 × 31 × 31 cm