Fox Trap with Trip Plate 90cm long


Fox Trap 45cm x 45cm x 90cm that uses a trip plate mechanism rather than the traditional Hook release.

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Our Fox Trap with trip plate is a great tool for around the farm house, or semi rural property, where baiting isn’t an option. This shorter Fox trap is not recommended for mature age foxes, more for juvenile age Foxes. It is also ideal for larger feral cats. The Traps are made from Galvanised materials and we still see traps that Sheffield Wire made 20 years ago. The outside Mesh has a 50x50mm aperture and is made with 3mm wire. The frame’s and trip mechanism are made using 6mm wire and are made in Australia for Australian conditions.

There is great debate over a trip plate trigger V’s Hook mechanism trap. You can download a fox trapping brochure for tips on a successful project by clicking on the fox image below.

(Click for fox trapping instructions)

Dimensions are:

45cm x 45cm x 90cm Long

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Weight 61 kg
Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm